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What is Granimator?

Granimator is a simple and robust Bitcoin and crypto charting and trading platform that connects users and traders with reliable solutions and tools to enable seamless and convenient portfolio management and reporting. Granimator is designed to help traders, new and seasoned, make financial decisions and grow their crypto portfolio by providing them with comprehensive data, reports, and analysis tools.

Streamline and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio with Granimator's unique and safe technology and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin and Litecoin, more effectively and conveniently with a suit of powerful features that keep you in control.

With Granimator, you can manage your cryptocurrency and online asset portfolio and monitor and track your asset's performance from one interface.

Catering to New and Self-directed Online Traders

Traders and professionals have used Granimator's secure and feature-rich platforms to design and develop, analyze, optimize, test, monitor, and execute their crypto trading strategies for years. With precise and accurate market data and insights collected in real time, the trading platform empowers you to streamline and improve your strategies with customizable and robust simulation and act on the best opportunities.

Test and experiment with different asset combinations, classes, and time frames to unveil historical trends and patterns that you can leverage to develop your future trading strategy. In addition to pre-built indicators, the trading platform also allows you to develop your own custom indicators.

This gives you even more flexibility to develop strategies that are customized to your specific needs and preferences.

Dominate the Markets and Optimize Your Asset Portfolio

Explore the Dashboard

After signing in, you will land on the dashboard. Here, you will see the latest prices and trends of the cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ripple, you are interested in and make smart moves. Benefit from a simple-to-use intuitive interface and user-friendly experience.

Customize Your Watchlists

You can customize and personalize your watchlist to track your favorite cryptocurrencies and online assets. You can add or remove coins and assets as you like.

The multi-faceted trading, analysis, and charting platform helps you get a competitive edge over others with customizable watchlists and charts.

Daily News and Trade Signals

Use Granimator to receive the latest market updates and reports in your feed and copy trading signals from selected providers to identify and make the most of trading opportunities.

Real-Time Trade Execution

Stay on top of the crypto market with seamless and high-speed transaction processing.

Use Technical Analysis Tools

The trading platform offers a range of technical analysis tools, such as price charts, indicators, and overlays, which will help you analyze price trends and make suitable trading decisions.

Many of these tools are designed to build discipline and increase confidence for self-directed traders and for people ready to take the next step.

Set Alerts

You may set alerts for specific price levels or volume changes, depending on your needs and preferences. The trading platform will notify you when the price of a cryptocurrency or asset hits a certain level or when trading volumes increase.

Find the Latest News

Granimator provides real-time news updates and information related to the cryptocurrency market. Stay up-to-date and ride the wave with the latest developments and trends.

Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes and Pitfalls

Cryptocurrency trading is getting pretty popular worldwide because of the potential yield. However, as a trader, you should remember that the crypto market is pretty risky and unstable. Many crypto traders have problems with anticipating events and making the right decisions.

This is why mistakes are common. Although you can make the most of crypto trading without being an expert, cryptocurrency is definitely not something that you master overnight and requires patience. The simplest way for new traders to mitigate risks and overcome challenges is to learn from others' mistakes and get the lay of the land before considering trading.

There are several common mistakes that traders make when trading various cryptocurrencies.

Lack of Research

Many individuals jump into trading cryptocurrencies and online assets without fully understanding the landscape or the market. It can be challenging to discern the truth-tellers from the pushy salesperson in this industry. This is why doing your research is crucial. You should also understand the risks and potential rewards before trading.

Emotional Trading

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, price swings and fluctuations are the norm for traders, not the exception. Many newcomers and even experienced traders tend to panic and get worried when they see prices decline.

Emotional trading, such as panic purchasing, can lead to poor decisions, and you don't want that. It is vital to remain rational and stick to a well-thought-out crypto trading strategy.


Did you know that many people become addicted to crypto trading and make too many trades? This leads to high fees and potentially poor decisions. You should be patient and composed and only make trades that align with your overall strategy and goals.

Ignoring Market Sentiment

Note that ignoring market sentiment can also be a costly mistake that you cannot afford to make. Market sentiment is an overall or general mood of the crypto market. For example, if you notice that the crypto market sentiment is bearish, it is better to avoid trading cryptocurrency, even if all the fundamentals and indicators look promising.

To understand the mood or sentiment of the market, you can leverage sentiment analysis and various other trading tools. These tools will help you improve your crypto trading performance.

Not Setting Clear and Realistic Goals

Setting unrealistic or optimistic goals for growth can lead to disappointment and poor or rash decision-making. You should set realistic goals and follow a well-defined plan.

Should You Trade Cardano?

Cardano is a popular cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that was designed and developed with a focus on scalability, sustainability, and security.

The platform leverages the proof-of-stake protocol instead of the energy-hungry and inefficient proof-of-work protocol in order to grant transaction validators rewards and incentives based on the amount of coin that they stake on the platform.

Cardano's exciting and powerful layer-2 scaling solution, called Hydra, can theoretically process one million transactions per second (TPS). This number is much higher than Bitcoin's 3 TPS or Ethereum's 13 TPS. 

Here are some of the key reasons why you may choose to trade Cardano:


One of the main advantages of Cardano is its unique ability to scale. You should know that the platform uses an impressive consensus protocol known as Ouroboros, allowing it to process a high volume of transactions without sacrificing security or decentralization.

Cardano can also be used by financial services firms to streamline and improve the processes through which they onboard clients. Also, it could be used to track specific parts of a supply chain for agriculture businesses and companies.


Cardano is carefully designed to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly blockchain platform. Cardano's consensus protocol is energy-efficient and consumes a fraction of the energy needed by other popular blockchains.

Strong and Trained Development Team

You may know that Cardano was founded by Charles Hoskinson, who is also a co-founder of Ethereum. The development team is popular for its rigorous approach to engineering and has a reputation for delivering high-quality code.

Cardano was also peer-reviewed by a team of academics and scientists before its launch.


Cardano is also designed by experts to be interoperable with other blockchain platforms. This means that it can communicate and exchange information with other blockchains. Note that this could be an important and valuable feature as the blockchain landscape continues to evolve and new use cases emerge.

Despite these compelling reasons, you should remember that trading Cardano and other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin and Ripple, comes with significant risks, and you should do your research and analysis and carefully consider your risk tolerance before making any decision.

Charts and Insights to Simplify Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading

The aim of Granimator is to assist individuals new to the cryptocurrency world in learning from its expertise. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, the Granimator provides valuable tips, insights, and tutorials to ensure safe and secure crypto and Bitcoin trading.

As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to rise, trading and tracking platforms such as Granimator are becoming increasingly mainstream among both new and experienced traders.

The platform offers convenience and ease, simplifying day and swing trading strategies for crypto and Bitcoin.

01. Portfolio Management

The trading platform provides a comprehensive portfolio management suite that allows traders to track their trades and performance. This suite provides detailed reports and data analytics that can help you optimize your trading strategies and get better over time.

02. Education and Guides

Granimator offers a range of educational resources and services to help traders and users learn more about cryptocurrency trading, management, and analysis. These resources include tutorials, webinars, and FAQs.

With Granimator, the crypto trading and charting process is streamlined, allowing you to manage and save all of your data in one place.

Why Use Granimator


Comprehensive Data

The trading platform provides traders and other professionals with comprehensive data on various cryptocurrencies and online assets, including trading volumes, historical prices, and market capitalization.


Advanced Analysis Tools

The trading platform offers every market participant a variety of sophisticated and professional tools for trading and scaling their expertise. Granimator offers a range of advanced analysis tools, including technical indicators, graphs, charts, and overlays.


Secure and Reliable

The trading platform uses industry-standard security protocols and measures to keep your data safe, and it is built on a reliable and secure infrastructure to ensure that you always have access to the latest data and tools to grow your portfolio.



The trading platform is customizable, allowing traders and users to create personalized watchlists and set alerts for specific price levels or volume changes.


Easy to Use

Granimator is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to navigate. Even beginners and new traders can quickly learn how to use the platform.


Multicurrency Support

Manage your crypto and online asset portfolio in your local currency with the convenience of switching instantly between any fiat and cryptocurrency. The trading and charting platform supports more than 30 currencies to meet your needs.


How can I use Granimator's educational resources and guides?

The team at Granimator publishes articles and posts on current events and market trends, as well as long-form informative pieces about various cryptocurrencies and online assets, such as Ripple and altcoins. If you're looking for opinions and insights to take your trading to the next level, you will hopefully find these resources valuable.

What is ICO trading?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a high-reward and high-risk trading strategy. Note that ICOs involve trading new cryptocurrencies and online assets before they are released to the public, with the potential for significant yields if the project succeeds.

What is a Testnet?

A Testnet is an important blockchain network that is designed for experimentation and testing purposes. Remember that it's a replica of the main blockchain network. However, it uses a different cryptocurrency and isn't connected to the main network. This test network is designed to experience the various improvements in the blockchain without causing any harm to the standard network.

This is important as it allows developers, miners, and users to test new features and upgrades in a safe and controlled environment without risking any real cryptocurrency.

Testnets are useful and important for developers who are creating new decentralized platforms or working on upgrades to current ones. These professionals can test their code on a Testnet without the risk of losing real cryptocurrency.

Testnets are important blockchain developer tools for creating the stability and security that users will increasingly need as the growth of Web 3 products continues. 

Are cryptocurrencies only for tech-savvy people?

While it is true that cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ripple, were originally popularized by tech-savvy individuals and business executives, they are now being adopted by people from all walks of life. As the platforms behind cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, they are becoming more accessible and user-friendly.

You can use cryptocurrency as long as you have access to the necessary infrastructure, such as a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. As a decentralized digital currency, crypto allows for peer-to-peer transactions without the need for any intermediaries such as central banks or other financial institutions.

However, you should know that the use of cryptocurrency may be restricted or regulated in some countries. Hence, it is important to check your local laws, rules, and regulations before using crypto.

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